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Technical Document, Legal and Business Translation Services

Play VideoOur easy-to-order and easy-to-understand translation services provide complete peace of mind to local, national and international clientele, as well as individuals.

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Global Village Translation

Our aim at Global Village Translation is to bring the world together by breaking down barriers in communication. As a translation service, we work with people from many different cultures, working effectively to bridge the gap in both written and spoken language. We have a number of professional translation services available, ranging from our simple free translation tool to full document translation and interpreting services. Our free translation tool is simple and easy to use. By clicking on the tool, internet users are able to get translations for words in many languages across the world. Our free online translation tool is a great cost-effective way to get an approximate understanding of words or phrases in different languages. However, if you’re looking for slightly more complex translation services London you could contact us with a more specific request for which we can give you a quote. Anything from legal translation to proofreading is possible as part of our suit of translation services. Our team consists of fully qualified native speakers in all our service categories, so you can be assured that your translation is accurate. In addition, where we differ compared to many other translation companies is the fact that we have translators available that are specialists in various fields of communication. This expertise is exceptionally useful when it comes to translating complex or subject-specific vocabulary that a general translator may not be familiar with.

Contact us to find out more about our translation services. We can help you open up a whole new customer base for your business, expanding beyond the boundaries of your home country and into the international market.

Translation Services UK

There is a whole host of professional language translation services available from Global Village Translation. At Global Village Translation we take great pride in the translations we provide to companies and individuals, using only the very best qualified native speakers, to ensure that your translation is clear and accurate. If you’re simply looking for a quick translation to get the gist of a document, you can use our free translation tool online to translate the words you require. You may also need official document translation that would require 100% accuracy. That’s why Global Village Translation offer full document translation services at affordable rates. These services are carried out by experts in the language you require, including translators who specialise in specific fields of business.

We also understand that you may need an interpreter to translate in one language to another. That is why Global Village Translation can not only provide document translation services but can also provide Interpreting services. In our interpreting services, we use only the best qualified and experienced speakers in the native language.

In addition to these services you may also notice that we offer translation for websites. This service is a fantastic way for you to make your business compete on an entirely new front. Opening up your business to international internet users may help you expand your market and potentially bring a significant positive impact on your customer base, opening up the opportunity for you to do business overseas.

Online Translation Services

At Global Village Translation we have designed a procedure that ensures you get the best possible results from your translation project, and offers you the best business translation services available. Once you’ve decided you would like to assign to us the task of translating your document, you’ll be assigned a personal project manager who will act as your point of contact throughout the translation project. In other words, you have personal contact with a member of our team who can offer you advice on the project, while overseeing your assignment to ensure accuracy and on-time completion. Your document will be assigned to the most suitable translator, one who has knowledge of the subject of your document or business. The whole process of translating your document is not only fast, but is also accurate and professionally finished. In addition, a proofreading service is available to ensure that if any small mistakes have been made, they are ironed out before the document gets back to you.

At Global Village Translation we understand the need for accurate legal translation services that are easily understood by clients or solicitors abroad. We know that opting to use our service can be a very important factor in the growth of your business or in the registration of your new overseas property. That is why we pride ourselves on accuracy and efficiency, and make sure that even assignments with very technical, subject-specific language are completed correctly in a way that makes them appear as though they’ve been written for the first time by a native speaker. Try out our services today and expand your companies beyond the boundaries of your local area and into the global marketplace.